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What Happens When You Don’t Use a Load Bar?

If your company has ever received a customer complaint about damaged goods and packages during transport, you know why the cargo bar was created. The most common cause of damaged goods is the product initially being loaded poorly, which causes items to move while in transit ultimately leading to an unhappy and unsatisfied customer.

Loads of all sizes can shift while in transit. Yes, even pallets, due to sudden jerks of the wheel or short stops. These slight shifts throughout the duration of time in transit can be detrimental to the product.

The reason loads tend to slide around is because they are placed with open space between the cargo and the wall of the truck or trailer. This is where cargo bars become handy. Their purpose is to brace the cargo against the wall of the truck, which alleviates the issue of the product from sliding around due to the empty space.


How Does a Load Bar Work?

Luckily, cargo bars are very simple to use and install. The bar gets placed between either the sidewalls of the truck or from the floor to the ceiling to secure the product in place and prevent movement.

Most cargo bars feature steel tubes with rubber feet at either end of the bar to hold the bar in place. Cargo bars include a ratchet device that locks in place allowing the user to easily adjust the length of the bar and secure it tightly. For extra security you can combine a cargo bar with cargo straps.


Choosing the Right Load Bar for Your Needs

Want the world’s best cargo bar, then choose the Save-A-Load® hydraulic bar. This aluminum hydraulic bar is light weight, safe and easy to use. The Heavy-Duty SL-30 series bar extends from 84” to 114” and can be used vertically or horizontally. Its internal spring and pressure limiting valve provide incredible holding power in any trailer. With the push of the release button, the Heavy-Duty SL-30 series bar is instantly released safely.


Heavy-Duty SL-30 Series Features:


Heavy-Duty Coil Spring

  • Keeps Save-A-Load® Bars in place
  • Compensates for flexing of trailer walls
  • Maintain a constant contact with trailer walls even under the worst road conditions
  • Compensates for the expansion and contraction due to temperature variations
  • The coil spring and articulating foot allow the Save-A-Load® bars to remain in place while preventing them from punching through walls

Articulating Foot Design

  • Keeps full pad surface in contact with container walls for maximum grip
  • Allows Save-A-Load® bars to be set at an angle

Easy Push-Button Release

  • Simply push a button and Save-A-Load bars are instantly and safely released every time

Long Lasting

  • Save-A-Load® bars are quality devices designed to out-perform all other adjustable cargo bars
  • Bio-safe FDA approved hydraulic fluid
  • Designed to work in any environment from -35°F to 160°F


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