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Colson Caster Bearings



Has a split outer race shell into which the roller assembly is inserted. Available in stainless.


Durable under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions and is corrosion resistant. It is highly recommended for high heat (up to 350°F) or wet applications (shown with spanner bushing).


Sleeve bearings provide a metal sleeve inserted in a wheel to rest directly on the axle. This option is only recommended when rolling ease is less critical.

Precision Sealed

Recommended for maximum rolling ease with no maintenance lubrication required, this quiet operating bearing is for medium duty to heavy duty load. Available in stainless steel.



Precision type bearings with machined, hardened raceways. This bearing is for applications where maximum rolling ease and quiet operation are needed and best suited for light to medium duty loads.

Pedestal Precision

This bearing is perfect when excellent rolling ease and quiet operation are required for your application. There is no maintenance grease required. The integrated spanner bushing makes installation easy. Available in
stainless steel.



Delrin, a DuPont engineered plastic, is extremely durable under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, as well as is corrosion resistant. Wheels with the Delrin bearings are well suited for applications where brine conditions, steam cleaning, or where excessive water or liquids are present. One piece or two piece Delrin bearing models are available (shown with spanner bushing).

Tapered Bearings

The tapered roller is the most effective bearing for heavy or towed loads. The taper allows for some thrust loading, while the heat-treated inner and outer race allow for maximum load capacity.


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