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Magliner Products

Magliner is a leading manufacturer of route distribution solutions known for offering products built for value, innovation, and quality for the last 70 years. As a leader in material handling, Magliner is committed to helping you transport materials more efficiently and in a safer manner. Magliner hand trucks, stair climbing trucks, and accessories are specifically designed with comfort in mind. As the Northeast factory-authorized Magliner distributor, C.P. Lauman will guide you in finding the best product for your needs.

Not sure what product to choose? With over 75 years of experience in the industry, one of our product experts can help you find the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

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Founded in 1947, Magliner is a family-owned company located in Standish, MI. Committed to creating innovative solutions for warehouse and storage areas, the company has become the world leader in the material handling industry. Magliner is dedicated to continuously delivering advanced and flexible route distribution solutions to meet a variety of distribution needs. Magliner state-of-the-art products are ergonomically designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to get the job done, and minimize the possibility of injury, fatigue, and muscle strain. Their products have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios allowing customers to move more load with less physical effort. Driven by latest industry insights, Magliner’s legacy is built on value, quality, and trust.