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When it comes to choosing the right caster for your application our team at C.P. Lauman Co. is always here to help.  We offer a variety of different models, from various caster wheel manufacturers, today, we’re featuring MedCaster.

Preventing Damage With MedCaster Products

Many things can go wrong if you don’t pick the right caster for your needs.  Choosing a poor-quality caster, or the incorrect caster for your application causes unnecessary damage and costly repairs.  Damages often result in unsafe conditions, ergonomic and rollability issues, expensive floor repairs, unnecessary noise, or damage to your product.


After reading this post, find the right products for your needs by visiting our applications page here.

MedCaster specializes in designing quality and safety compliant caster wheels for a wide range of applications within the medical industry.  MedCaster’s mission is to provide the best caster wheels which solve mobility concerns for medical professionals.  These medical-centric products are used in a variety of ways.  Including, IV stands, laboratory equipment, stretchers, ultrasonic equipment, MRI conditional equipment, and radiology equipment.


In order to suit the daily operating needs of medical professionals, MedCaster offers only top-rated materials which withstand vast temperature ranges and heavy capacity load limits.  Along with high capacity limits, operators choosing MedCaster wheels have their pick of materials from Thermoplastic rubber, Anti-Microbial TPR, Conductive rubber to Nylon.  All available products are engineered with the patient and operator in mind.


Utilize MedCaster Products for Many Applications

Applications outside the medical industry also find MedCaster products useful due to the variety of materials, wheel bearings, and mounting types offered.  Whether you need wheels for food service equipment, utility carts, institutional equipment, audio and visual equipment, store fixtures, furniture, animal cage carts, or mobile computer stands.


With the need to perform in various operating conditions in mind, MedCaster models are engineered to provide seamless floor transitions, tolerate continuous wash-downs, and designed with bearings able to resist debris.


C.P. Lauman Co. is proud to offer you a large assortment of different MedCaster products.  Here are three featured series to help you begin your search for the right high-quality casters.


Series #1:

Our first featured series is the Antistatic Chrome Hospital casters.  This series is engineered for use in any application where the risk of electrostatic discharge needs to be minimized.  Sometimes, simple human error, like touching electrical medical equipment, easily results in electrostatic discharge.  While this problem is often frustrating due to its costly nature, choosing the right caster wheels for your equipment can help this situation be avoided.  View our Antistatic Chrome Hospital caster wheels here.

Series #2:

The second series is the Nylon Plus Stainless swivel casters.  Among the features of the Nylon Plus Stainless wheels are four different mounting types, plain or precision ball bearing wheels, and antimicrobial materials.  C.P. Lauman Co. offers wheel diameters of four, five, or six inches.  The main benefit of this series is the antimicrobial compound integrated in the wheels.  This is not a coating, so the wheel is protected from microbes throughout the life of the wheel.  While the nature of the antimicrobial compound offers protection, regular cleaning is recommended.

Often operators in the medical, industrial cleaning, and food industries, wonder if the antimicrobial compound used in Nylon Plus Stainless casters is safe to use.  According to MedCaster, “the active ingredient has a history of hospital use for more than 25 years and is used in a broad range of popular personal care products.”


MedCaster stands behind the extensive laboratory testing the active ingredient has undergone, and verifies the safety of the compound with, “regulatory authorities around the world,” including the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency].  For more details on this series, please contact us and visit the product page here.


Series #3:

Our third series is the NeoTeq Comfort Roll casters.  The NeoTeq series offers easy to roll, non-marking, neoprene casters available in diameters of two, two and a half, or three inches.  Another benefit of neoprene caster wheels is the increased maneuverability they provide.  All NeoTeq Comfort Roll casters are designed with an attractive, bright chrome finish which resists most chemicals.  View our full assortment of top plate, grip ring, threaded, and hollow kingpin NeoTeq products here.

While there are so many options to choose from The C.P. Lauman team is here to help guide you through the vast catalog of products available.  Our team will assist you in choosing the best products for all your application needs.  To view the wide range of MedCaster products C.P. Lauman Co. has to offer, visit the brand page here.


As mentioned at the top of this blog post, we’re always here to help.  Please contact us to request a quote, for general inquiries, or any questions you may have.  Reach us by email at, or by phone 1 (800) 462-4005.

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