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Welcome to the C.P. Lauman Company blog!  We share new resources about products, educational tools, and company news with you once a month.  This month, we’re detailing the process of selecting custom hand trucks with you.  Be on the lookout for an email from us monthly for the latest information and resources you need to keep your business rolling.  If you’re already familiar with our customization process, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post to request a quote and lead times.  If you’re new to the process, or need a review, please continue reading.

Which Type of Custom Hand Trucks Are Right for You?

At C.P. Lauman we make finding the type of hand truck you need for your business easy.  Our selection of specialty and standard aluminum hand trucks from B&P manufacturers, and Magliner, will fit a variety of needs.  If you prefer a custom truck, we allow you to build your own.  Our easy-to-use, hand truck configuration tool allows you to view all available options for customization, based on your hand truck preferences.  Start by deciding which type of hand truck will suit your needs. Do you need hand trucks with or without brakes?  If you’re uncertain, view our disc brake truck, and tread brake truck options from B&P here.  If you prefer a hand truck without brakes, we offer hand truck selections from both B&P and Magliner for your unique needs as well.

Selecting The Components to Suit Your Needs

Next in the configuration process is selecting your components.  We make it easy to pick your components based on your choice of manufacturer.  For B&P selections, the first step in our custom hand truck builder is to select the best handle for your needs.  We offer standard loop handles, straight loops, double grip handles, ergo grips, comfort sleeve loops, and more.  If you choose Magliner, we’ll start with your frame selection.  Our Magliner frame selection includes straight back, curved back, or two straight and one curved back frames.

No matter which manufacturer you choose, the process continues by selecting your wheels, nose plates, and other accessories.  We offer a variety of cast dimensions in our extruded aluminum nose plates, and high-capacity wheel options too.  Most wheel capacities on our custom hand trucks exceed 300lbs.  Before we dive into the additional components, be sure to contact us if you’re need of more information during your selection process.  You can look forward to hearing from our knowledgeable and prompt sales team within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.  Reach out using the form at the bottom of this post or email us at  The last set of components for you to choose are your optional accessories.


What Are the Optional Accessories Available for Custom Hand Trucks?

Based on your needs, stair climbers, extruded folding noses, or even frame extenders may be necessary.  Does your crew carry oversized loads up staircases?  If so, adding stair climbers to your hand trucks is a necessary component to ensure your deliveries will be less strenuous for your crew.  Are your loads often bulky, or irregularly shaped?  Combining a folding nose plate extension to your hand trucks may be necessary as well.  Including these extenders will increase the width and depth of your truck’s nose plate, allowing easier stacking of your bulky loads.  Another popular option when building your custom hand truck, especially for bulky loads, is choosing a frame extension.  We offer a variety of different frame extensions which will give your hand truck an overall height ranging from 45” to 65”.  For a full list of all the accessories available to you, start building your custom hand truck today with our configuration tool here.  The last two factors to consider while customizing your hand trucks are the shipping and lead times.


Your Shipping Options, Lead Times, and Other Available Offers 

Whether you’re an existing, new, or potential customer of ours, we are committed to sharing our expertise and depth of knowledge ranging from product selection to shipping options.  Two important factors every business needs to consider are shipping and lead times.  C.P. Lauman offers you freight quotes and lead times based on your custom selections, so you can plan your business accordingly.  The last step in the building process is submitting your contact and shipping information.  This step is the most important part of the process as your form helps us generate your quote and lead times.  We’ll answer your request and get back to you in a timely fashion.

When you hear from one of our experienced team members, they’ll be sure to share any ongoing deals, or exclusive offers with you.  Currently, due to popular demand, we’re extending our buy 6, get 1 free exclusive deal on B&P hand trucks*.  While there are *exclusions on this offer (convertible and snack trucks are excluded) we’re here to help you find the best hand trucks to suit your needs.  For more information about our product selection and B&P Manufacturing partner, visit us at


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