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Why Choose C.P. Lauman for Your Hand Truck Needs?

Have you ever considered the benefits of going ergonomic with your hand trucks?  If you’re in the delivery business, you know how important it is to have reliable and efficient hand trucks.  Let’s explore the top components you need to upgrade your material handling fleet.  In this post, we’re sharing B&P hand truck components exclusively offered by C.P. Lauman.

Upgrading your equipment is an investment, but there are long term pay offs like increased productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Don’t settle for discomfort and inefficiency by using hand truck handles without padding.  Instead, consider lightweight, ergonomic handles and frame extensions which offer padding and cushioning for your hands.  Ergonomic handles provide a more comfortable grip for use over handles without padding.  Whether you’re transporting boxes, crates, water jugs or bulky snack items, you’ll benefit from using B&P’s exclusive ergo loop handles and frame extensions.  C.P. Lauman has you covered!

aluminum hand trucks ergonomic components

Ergo Grips: Some Benefits of Ergonomic Hand Truck Components

Ergonomic components, which we’ll be referring to in this post as ergo grips and ergo frame extensions, offer benefits beyond just comfort.  Some benefits include reducing strain on your hands and wrists– helping to prevent injuries long-term, improving safety standards, increased efficiency for delivery drivers, and functional product design.  You’ll feel the difference when you’re using B&P handles and frames.  These ergo components are lightweight and more durable than most other brands.

Along with frames and handles, all B&P hand truck components are designed to work seamlessly together.  We make it easy to combine ergo loop handles and ergo frame extensions with a variety of B&P hand trucks and accessories.  You can choose from two types of ergonomically designed, standard loop handles and frame extensions.  C.P Lauman’s ergo loop handles offer 50-inches of overall height and increased comfort for your delivery teams.  The ergo frames will extend your hand truck handles to an overall height of 55-inches.  See more details about each ergo component by viewing the clickable images below.


b&p ergo grip handles loop handle red

B&P Loop Handle A1EG

b&p ergo grip handles loop handle blue

B&P Loop Handle A1EGB


Upgrade Your Delivery Equipment for Improved Safety

You’ll want to keep ergonomics in mind when upgrading your delivery equipment.  Additional benefits of ergo components include an improvement in efficiency, reduction in physical strain, and enhanced safety.  Are you and your team tired of struggling with heavy loads and uncomfortable hand truck grips?  How often are you dealing with workplace injuries related to poor material handling equipment?  Carrying heavy loads can lead to strains and injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.  These seemingly small workplace injuries could result in lost productivity, increased insurance costs, and even legal liabilities if you’re not prepared.

Pairing C.P. Lauman’s exclusive, B&P ergo grip loop handles and frames with your hand trucks will help you and your team work more effectively.  Due to the additional comfort offered, you may notice an improvement on the speed of your deliveries as well.  This simple ergo upgrade can potentially impact the number of stops each driver can make over previous periods in your business too.

The additional padding on ergo grips and frames helps to optimize working conditions as well as improve comfort.  Deliveries in the heat of summer or freezing temperatures in winter can make handling aluminum snack trucks uncomfortable.  But, the padding of ergo grips and frames offer increased comfort, grip strength, and control.  These factors are especially important in wet and slick conditions.  Going ergonomic with your hand truck components can provide a range of benefits, from reducing the risk of injuries to increasing your efficiency on the job. Consider investing in ergo loop handles and frame extensions to pair with your aluminum hand trucks to take your delivery game to the next level.


b&p ergo grip frame extensions frames hand trucks blue

B&P Frame Extension 55EGB

b&p ergo grip frame extensions frames hand trucks red

B&P Frame Extension 55EG


How to Build Your Own Hand Trucks

When you’re ready for an upgrade consider investing in custom built hand trucks.  We offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs! Reach out to C.P. Lauman’s hand truck specialists to inquire about our exclusive B&P six and one deal.  When you order six hand trucks, you’ll receive one free.  National accounts, snack and convertible trucks are excluded from this six and one deal.  We have a variety of prebuilt options to choose from as well.  Check out our full B&P hand truck assortment to start maximizing your deliveries today.