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What are leveling mounts?  How do you choose the right type of leveling mount for your business?  At C.P. Lauman Co. we carry a wide variety of leveling mounts produced by S&W Manufacturing.  A company dedicated to providing the highest quality products in their industry for more than 30 years.  Our team is here to help you choose the right types of leveling mounts for your business.  Before choosing the right type of leveling mounts for your needs, it’s important to explain their benefits and describe how they work. Here’s a quick overview of how these important tools can help you!

types of leveling mounts


What Are Leveling Mounts?

Leveling mounts also known as leveling feet, are designed to stabilize your machinery, heavy equipment, furniture, and similar high-load capacity products.  These are essential tools you may need to use alongside casters, or independently when struggling with vibration and noise issues. With the right type of leveling mounts, you can resolve shock and vibration in your equipment.  This can significantly cut down on maintenance and premature machine failure costs as well.

These tools allow you to have greater control over how high your machinery rests off the floor due to their adjustable nature.  Our steel and stainless steel mounts are available in a variety of heights and load capacities, making it easy to suit your needs. Common equipment you’ll see leveling mounts fixed to are washing machines, dryers, and furniture.  There will usually be at least four level mounts fixed to the bases of these items.  Depending on what kind of machinery or instruments you need to stabilize, you can choose from either tapped style levelers, stud style levelers, or hygienic stainless steel leveling mounts from our product offering.


Types of Leveling Mounts

As mentioned above, C.P. Lauman carries leveling mounts produced by S&W Manufacturing.  Please note these products have a lead time of 10-15 working days, and hygienic level mounts are available via a quote request.  We offer three styles of level mounts tapped, stud, and hygienic stainless steel.


Tapped Style Level Mounts

The tapped style level mounts are currently available in either low carbon steel with yellow zinc plating or are made from 303 stainless steel. Either type of material is ideal for light, medium, and heavy-duty capacities.  Mounts and studs are furnished with jam nuts, and have inch thread sizes, and customization is optional.


Stud Style Level Mounts

Our stud-style levelers are ideal for applications that require a more sensitive leveling adjustment or have light-duty capacities.  The large-diameter base support works to balance uneven surfaces like electronic racks, benches, and similar equipment.  Our stud levels feature hardened ball studs and integrally machined balls, vibration control, and optional steel or stainless steel materials.


Hygienic Stainless Steel Level Mounts

For applications in need of high-load capacity models, consider hygienic stainless steel level mounts.  Most hygienic level mounts C.P. Lauman carries have two lag holes and admit up to 9° slopes on floors and equipment.  These hygienic levels offer a smoothly rounded design for ease of cleaning and are also available with a non-skid rubber pad.


different leveling mounts for your application

Choosing the Right Leveling Mount for Stability

By installing vibration machine leveling mounts like the three styles we’ve discussed today, you can provide a stable and level base for your equipment.  Prevent workplace accidents with leveling mounts, which reduces the risk of your machines or equipment tipping.  C.P Lauman can provide the perfect machine leveling mount for your needs.  Whether you’re searching for steel or stainless steel materials, mounts with or without pads, tapped or stud, swiveling or hygienic models.  Find the level mounts to suit your capacity needs with offerings ranging from 100 to 12,000 lbs. Contact us by phone, email, or chat online with any questions!