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Custom Designed & Speciality Fasteners

Did you know we offer per print specials for our fastener customers?  If you’re not familiar with our per print process, here is background information on what the process looks like and the steps involved.  We make the per print special process as simple as possible.  The first step is providing a drawing or print of what part(s) you’re looking to source.  Though our fastener division offers a full line of competitively priced fasteners of different material types and various plating options, we can customize your fastener order to fit your needs.  If you’re application requires a more specific need beyond our current offerings, our goal is to accommodate you.

The next part of the process involves drawings you submit to our team of fastener experts. If you’re still unsure at this point if requesting a special is right for you, here’s an easy question to ask yourself, “Do I need specific configurations, materials and/or unusual plating for my fasteners?”  If the answer is, yes, here are your next steps in the per print special process.

You’ll work with our sales department, to build the type of special application part you need, based on the drawings you provide.  Submit drawings with specific dimensions, any unique geometry, tolerances, or additional features necessary.  For example, any unique locking elements needed are considered a special feature.  Now, you’re ready to begin the process.  Visit our Fastener page and request a quote using our contact form.  Make sure to submit any drawings with your form for us to accurately provide you with a quote.  From there we’ll connect you with a specialist and start the process.


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Lead Times for Specialty Fastener Orders

What about lead times on per print specials?  While lead times on custom orders vary, your needs are always taken into account when sourcing.  Our specialists work to accommodate you and create your order accurately and delivered on time.  From short runs, quick turnaround times, and large volume orders, to our per print specials, our goal at C.P. Lauman is to help you find the right solutions.  Contact our team of fastener specialists to discuss your specific needs and lead times for your custom order.  Request a quote here, or email for inquiries.


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Fastener Offerings for Your Applications

Our goal is to help you find the right solution when you need it, every time.  Along with providing you with per print specials, we have a wide selection of standard fastener offerings.  Our customers have a wide range of needs, and we offer a variety of material and plating materials as a result. From nuts of all varieties (hex, square, t-nuts, coupling nuts, weld nuts, flange nuts and acorn cap nuts), to various flat washers and lock washers, pins, rivets, screws and more.  View our full assortment of fasteners!