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Improve Your Service with Hydraulic Cargo Load Bars

Imagine receiving negative feedback from your customer due to damage inflicted on goods and packages while in transit.  Some negative feedback is easy to remedy.  However, this issue is one which causes a trickle-down effect.  The best-case scenario for you in this situation is issuing your customer an exchange or refund. This can result in unintended shipping costs.  The worst-case scenario is loss of customer confidence in your ability to deliver non-defective goods.


If you have ever experienced this situation, you can likely relate to the feeling of embarrassment and lack of control associated with this type of feedback.  If you have yet to encounter such a circumstance, you’re lucky.  So, what’s the remedy for preventing damage to your goods and packages during transit?  Using a cargo load bar is your best solution to the problem of shipping mishaps.  C.P. Lauman Co. is proud to offer hydraulic cargo load bars from Save-A-Load®.


The Benefits of Hydraulic Cargo Load Bars

As mentioned above, receiving unsatisfactory feedback from your customers has the potential for loss of business and confidence.  Packages become damaged in transit when they are loaded improperly on your truck or trailer.  In addition to damaged goods, and less than satisfactory service, improper loading leads to open space left between the cargo and walls of a trailer or truck.


Such open space in your vehicle leaves room for goods to become unstable.  While in transit, sudden jerks, vibrations, potholes, and even slight shifts may be detrimental to pallets, boxes, or heavy equipment.  Here’s where hydraulic cargo load bars come in handy. The purpose for a cargo load bar is to brace the cargo against the wall of the truck.  Simple right?


Well, the Save-A-Load® SL-30 and SL-10 series hydraulic cargo bars alleviate the issue of your product sliding around due to empty space.   According to Fleet Engineers who manufactures Save-A-Load®, these products are, “the only hydraulic cargo bar manufacturer with heavy duty coil spring and pressure limiting valve(s) that hold position even when trailer walls flex due to road conditions, vibrations, or temperature fluctuations.”

Why Choose Save-A-Load®?

Besides being easy to use and simple to install, Save-A-Load® bars are made in the U.S.A.  They are also considered to be the premier bars in the industry.  The hydraulic cylinder pump is uniquely engineered to keep the bar from being over pumped, which prevents trailer wall or roof damage.  These lightweight bars offer articulating ends allowing for install either on the sidewalls of your truck or from floor to ceiling.


While security is the most obvious reason to utilize hydraulic cargo bars, the easy push button release is another.  C.P. Lauman Co. is your Northeast destination for Save-A-Load® cargo control equipment and all the necessary accessories, including covered release buttons and end guides.  In addition to your hydraulic cargo bars, hoop sets, and accompanying necessities, combine cargo straps with your cargo control equipment as well.

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Which Hydraulic Cargo Load Bar is Right for Me?

C.P. Lauman currently carries the SL-30 series heavy-duty hydraulic bar with available quantity discounts of 1-49 and 50+.  We also offer a wide range of custom-colored bars for this series.  The custom-colored bars are often in high-demand, so they are subject to availability.  SL-30 series bars are lightweight at only 8.8lbs.  They offer a corrosion free design, articulating ends, and work in any environment from -35˚ to 160˚F.  This series fits 84” to 114” in length, can be used vertically and horizontally, and is easy to assemble.


If you prefer a light-duty hydraulic bar we offer the SL-10 series as well.  This bar maintains a tight grip due the high-friction pads on either end.  Although light-duty it holds cargo of any size securely in place especially in pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs.  The easy-to-use, one-handed push button release is another important detail not to be ignored.  This series fits 47” to 75” in length, performs in temperature ranges -35˚ to 160˚F, and has a 1-1/4” square tube.


A Quick Review of Features

Heavy-Duty Coil Spring

  • Keeps Save-A-Load® bars in place
  • Compensates for flexing of trailer walls
  • Maintains a constant contact with trailer walls even under the worst road conditions
  • Compensates for the expansion and contraction due to temperature variations
  • Coil spring and articulating feet allows Save-A-Load® bars to remain in place while preventing them from punching through walls

Articulating Foot Design

  • Keeps full pad surface in contact with container walls for maximum grip
  • Allows Save-A-Load® bars to be set at an angle

Easy Push Button Release

  • Simply push a button and Save-A-Load® bars are instantly and safely released every time

Long Lasting

  • Save-A-Load® bars are quality devices designed to out-perform all other adjustable cargo bars
  • Bio-safe FDA approved hydraulic fluid
  • Designed to work in any environment from -35°F to 160°F


Please contact us to request a quote, for general inquiries, or any questions you may have.  Reach us by email at, or by phone 1 (800) 462-4005.  To view more details about our full Save-A-Load® assortment of products, visit the brand page here.