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SKU: 4.00004.816 HT

Colson Thermo High Temperature Caster Wheel 4.00004.816 HT



Wheel Diameter (inch)


Tread Width (inch)

1 1/2

Load Capacity (lbs)


Hub Length (inch)

1 5/8

Bearing Type

Less Bearing




Thermo Wheels feature a standard operating temperature range from -70°F (continuous service) to +525°F (intermittent service, +480°F continuous service). These wheels are molded from an exclusive engineered resin compound that offers non-marking floor protection, near zero water absorption, high load capacities and long service life.

Thermo wheels are 100% recyclable and highly resistant to animal fats, vegetable oils and salt solutions. Life expectancy of Thermo wheels is three times longer than high-temp phenolic wheels and offer equal load capacity.

Temperature range: -70°F to +525°F intermittent service (+480°F continuous service)

Hardness: 85(±5) Durometer Shore D scale.

Prices subject to change due to current global market and supply chain volatility.