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SKU: PD0410108

Albion PD Series Polyurethane Caster Wheel PD0410108


Polyurethane on Aluminum

Wheel Diameter (inch)


Tread Width (inch)

1 1/2

Bearing Bore (inch)


Load Capacity (lbs)


Hub Length (inch)

1 5/8

Bearing Type





Composed of a polyurethane elastomer, open cast or injection molded, on clean, close tolerance cores. High capacity Polyurethane tread is chemically bonded to aluminum core. High capacity polyurethane protects floors, is non-marking and delivers quieter operation than standard metal wheels. PA wheels features cast aluminum core, PD wheels feature die cast aluminum core. PM round tread models feature a chemical and mechanical lock of tread to the core.

Capacity up to 7500 lbs.

Hardness: PA 95 Shore A, PD 60 Shore D, PM 99 Shore A

Finish: Green tread on aluminum core

Temperature Range: -40? F to ±180 ? F

Prices subject to change due to current global market and supply chain volatility.