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SKU: XA03X2806

Albion Polyurethane Caster Wheels XA03X2806


Polyurethane on Polypropylene

Wheel Diameter (inch)

3 1/2

Tread Width (inch)

1 1/2

Bearing Bore (inch)


Load Capacity (lbs)


Hub Length (inch)

1 1/2

Bearing Type

Precision Ball Bearing




Excellent properties where washdown of material handling equipment is required. Tires are mechanically locked to an injection molded polymer core to prevent tire separation. Polyurethane wheels offer greater load capacity than rubber. They offer excellent floor protection. These wheels resist chemicals, acids, caustics and oils.

Wheel Face: Moderate crown

Finish: Gray tread on gray core

Temperature Range: -40°F to ±180°F

Hardness: 90 Shore A

*Precision bearing models come standard with thread guards.

Prices subject to change due to current global market and supply chain volatility.